Pest control for organic food and produce

Recent years have seen an increased demand in the UK for food produced organically. The ethos of organic production is based on producing food in a sustainable manner which has not been treated with chemicals, either at the growing stage or post-harvest when the produce is processed, packed, stored and distributed.This has naturally had an impact on the pest control industry. In treating manufacturing, processing plant and storage facilities for organic products forinfestations, most pest control operations employing pesticides are either restricted or not permitted at all. Responding to calls from pest control companies who wish to provide a service to processing and storage businesses with a Soil Association accreditation, the British Pest Control Association has worked closely with the Soil Association in the development of their standards for pest control for organic farming & production.The pest control standards form part of a much larger document, entitled Soil Association Standards for Organic Farming & Production, which covers general standards for food importing, distribution, processing, packing and catering. The aim of this leaflet is to provide a quick reference for pest control companies providing a service to organic premises. Copies of these complete standards are available (Price £30) from the Soil Association at the address given on the back cover. The BPCA has reproduced the pest control section courtesy of the Soil Association.To put the pest control standards into context, the following points have been reproduced from the introduction to the Soil Association Standards for Organic Farming & Production and retain the numbering system from the complete standards.