There are two main types of mouse you are likely to come across; The House Mouse, and sometimes the Long-Tailed Field Mouse. Mice like to invade anywhere they can access looking for warmth, food and water.
What do mice look like?
Mice are vermin and are typically around 3-4 inches long with large ears, small eyes and a pointed nose and can be found in a light grey or light brown colour, Can also be detected from their droppings which are usually black, rod-shaped and approximately 6mm in length. Mice are virtually incontinent and produce between 80-120 droppings per day depending on their diet and will urinate frequently to mark its territory.
Mice have a very high reproduction rate; they can begin breeding at two months old and can have litters as often as every 40-50 days with around 6 young per litter. This can produce as many as 200 offspring in just 4 months, a single mouse can live for up to one year.
Problems Mice cause
Mice have a compulsive need to gnaw and chew on anything to keep their incisor teeth worn down to a constant length. Mice are known to chew threw electricity cables, gas and water pipes, skirting boards and floor boards especially where pipes enter, mice are very good climbers and can squeeze into very small spaces.
Keeping mice out of hard to access locations is very important. There is nothing worse than having a family of mice running around under the floorboards or above the ceiling. In many cases electrical fires and flooding has been traced back to mice and mice will contaminate far more food than they can consume. A mousse favourite food is cereal grains although they will eat almost anything they can get a hold of. Mice are capable of carrying many diseases in particular food poisoning.
What to do if you think you have mice?
Because of their habits traditional baiting and trapping does not often work. For successful results a combination of rodenticides in addition to mouse proofing the effected area, this may include blocking off any holes/access points with metal strips and wire wool.
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Front page summary: 
Mice like to inhabit homes and businesses, eat through doors, floorboards, cables and pipes and cause serious damage to property if left untreated. Mice carry harmful diseases and reproduce at an alarming rate.