Commercial Pricing for pest erradication UK

Commercial  Pricing  


Basic Plan

Standard Plan

Gold plan

Pests covered



Multiple pests on request

Visits per annum




Max call outs per  annum




Insect monitors




Electric fly killing service




Folder including H&S info

Yes A5 size

Yes A4 size

Yes A4 size

Special reporting service




Staring price*

From £60 per quarter

From £120 per quarter

From £150 per quarter


  • Only set up charge is where external baits are needed.*
  • Internal areas specification where external baits not required due to site requirements or if external areas are covered by a separate management.
  • Where perimeter baits are required, there will be a separate one-off charge for the supply & fitting of these.

Special reporting service (SRS)

Special reporting service is our unique selling point. It gives your own technician so you’re dealing with the same person every time. Free insect identification, an in-depth report keeping you up to date on any pest activity and any recommend action. Plus a response time within 24 hours.            Basic Plan Our basic plan is recommended for low risk premises such as small shops, offices, industrial units and domestic homes.        

Standard Plan

This plan is our most popular giving you all that’s in the basic plan plus up to 4 extra visits per annum and 2 extra call outs. Plus you can add our electric fly killing and special reporting services for an additional cost. This plan is recommended for most small to medium size business.

Gold plan

Our gold plan is the most flexible and offers you the highest protection from a wide range of pests. It includes our special reporting and electric fly killing units as standard.  This plan is recommended for food production companies and large size businesses.

Additional Standard Charges

Secured steel lockable perimeter bait station


Standard rigid plastic perimeter bait station


Fly-mesh curtain for STD door


STD fly-screen door


Example of standard call out prices, for the most likely pest incidents. (If more than the agreed additional call outs have been taken). Price are a guide only and may vary.

Pest Type

Charging Basis

Housefly/ Fruitfly

 £60 call out,

Cluster Fly (out of hours) **

 £150 call out,


 £90 call out,

Stored Product Insects

 £65 call out,

Garden Ants

 £65 call out,


 £180 call out,

Fleas/ Biting Insects
(out of hrs) **

 £120 call out,

Wasp Nests

 £70 for 1st nest & £10 per extra nest as same time/site


 £70 call out,

Pigeon Shoot (out of hrs) **

 £120 call out, covers up to 1 hr & then pro-rata

** Usually carried out, out of normal hours for safety reasons.

Other types of pests e.g. Birds, by separate quotation.

Electric fly Killers

Usually for Food Serveries/Kitchens.

Purchase                               Service                    

Compact  15w-1 tube

(Up to 30 sq. metres)                                 £125.00                          £18.00 per qtr.     

 Titan 30 30w-2 tube  

(Up to 60 sq. meters’)                                    £185.00                          £20.00 per qtr.     

 Annual Tube Change                                                                       £22.00 per qtr. (three tube)

  Extra Tubes FOC                                                                              £25.00 per qtr  (four tube)

Sticky Board Fly Killers

Please note that servicing costs are higher due to replacement of sticky board inserts as well as tubes.