Viking Rat

A rat measuring 15 inches (not including it's tail) was found living in a kitchen of a Swedish family. The giant rodent had gnawed it's way into the house between a wooden panel and concrete and was living behind the dishwasher.

The Bengtsson-Korsas family from Solna, a suburb of Stockholm called the pest control when they discovered the super sized beast when they took out the bins.


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Ants are found all over the world wherever you go, there are many different types of ant approximately 11,500 different species worldwide and 47 of these can be found in the UK. The most common type of ant found in the UK is the black garden ant, the red fire ant or pharoah ant.

Ants are highly organised social insects. The worker ants will invade buildings in search of food. Ants are typically from 3 to 5mm in length and are attracted to sweet foods which they take back to their nest. more »

Wood Worm


Woodworm is a generic description given to the infestation of a wooden item (normally part of a dwelling or the furniture in it) by the wood-eating larvae/grubs of one of many species of beetle. Whichever type of beetle maybe involved, the principals in treating woodworm are the same. First you have to identify if treatment is need as some heavily infested wood may be rotten and will need replacing. more »

Rat attacks baby girl in camden


A mother described how her baby daughter was attacked in her cot by a foot-long rat. more »

Giant rats seen and found across the British Isles are actually coypus’ a rodent native to South American

Giant rats seen and found across the British Isles are actually coypus’ a rodent native to South American more »

Super rats

Plague of mutant 'super rats' infests Britain

An increasing number of Britain's rats are mutating to become immune to commonly sold poisons, scientists have warned.

rats immune to poison

Two Berkshire towns plagued by rats which have become immune to poison

Two towns in Berkshire are suffering a rise in the rat population because vermin have developed near-immunity to standard poisons, pest control experts have warned.

Bed bugs treatment

                                    BED BUGS TREATMENT more »

Rise in rodents as weekly rubbish collections drop

Picking are slim for many during the economic downturn but not it seems for rodents. As an increasing number of cash-strapped councils have been forced to cut back on weekly bin collections in the past five years, more than a quarter of households say they have noticed a rise in vermin.  One in five homes has been damaged by rodents, such as rats or mice, and pests causing £500million of damage. more »

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