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Rats have plagued the land for thousands of years; they are the carrier of many diseases such as food poisoning. Rats chew pipes and cables and have been the cause of many electrical and gas fires. Rats breed at an alarming rate and a single pair can easily turn into 1000 within a year.

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Worker ants can often be found in large quantities searching for food, often attracted to sweet foods and drinks. black ants do not harm anyone but red fire ants do have a sting and both types can sometimes be a problem to exterminate.

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Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps with the main difference being that bees are unaggressive unless provoked. a bees sting can be leathal to those with allergies.

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Glis-Glis are primarily nocturnal and rarely seen, they hibernate for 7 months of the year. Glis-glis look very similar to grey squirrels but are closer related to mice. They will attack wood in building structures and eat through wires and cables and can contaminate water supplies.

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Honey Bees rarely present problems as pests but it is not uncommon for bees to build a nest in a chimney or wall cavity. Nests are not easy to remove and if provoked bees will attack. It is best to leave removal of nests to professionals.

Pigeons love to roost on buildings. In cities many pigeons can fall sick with diseases such as influenza which are transmissible to humans. They can spread this by infecting other healthy pigeons and spreading their droppings which can spread disease via pets, gardening or even car surfaces.

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Bats are nocturnal mammals and can be found in any environment as long as there is water and shelter. Bats in the UK are classed as an endangered species and should not be disturbed.

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Mice like to inhabit homes and businesses, eat through doors, floorboards, cables and pipes and cause serious damage to property if left untreated. Mice carry harmful diseases and reproduce at an alarming rate.

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Masonry Bees will build a nest in cavities often in older buildings, the bees themselves are almost harmless but if their nests are not treated can cause severe building damage.

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